12 Month Car Lease - Why Lease Instead of Buying

Car leasing provides several distinct advantages over buying a vehicle outright, the first of which is the amount you need to pay. The amount needed for car leases is significantly lower than that for buying cars. To clarify, with 12 month car leasing you only need to pay for 12 months, instead of the longer periods usually associated with car loans. Additionally, each payment is often cheaper than if you actually bought the car on a loan. This should be the case, unless you exceed your mileage and damage limits, the fees for which are usually assessed and presented when the lease expires.

Car devaluation is a problem for car owners, but not for car lessees. Selling the car before getting a new one is one hassle lessees do not need to worry about. They just need to bring the current vehicle back to the lessor, and if all goes well, they can get a lease out on a different car as they wish.

Generally speaking, the requirements for car leases are looser than those for full car ownerships. The end result is that with car leases, cars for personal use are much more accessible to the public.

Of course, you carry the responsibility of keeping the leased vehicle in good condition. Failing to care for the vehicle can lead to some fees once the lease expires. Just remember to treat your leased car the way you would if it was yours. You would surely have a very good 12 month car lease experience if you do so.

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